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Looking for Leather Paint?

Often referred to as leather dye*, leather finish (leather paint, if you prefer) is used to color leather surfaces used in furniture, automobiles, garments, handbags, shoes, and more.

Whatever your goal or project, we have the products you need.

This is same leather color system used by our own acclaimed professional leather service technicians, as well as scores of other leather technicians...

ďBest covering power of any product Iíve tested in the 25 years Iíve been in the business of leather repair."

B.A., Pleasanton, CA.

From our base palette of colors, mix almost any color you can imagine - or, we can match it for you. Find out what quantities you might need on our "what to buy" page, or learn which products will help you accomplish your goal on our "things to know" page.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution to restoring your favorite sofa, or the interior of your car, you might want to check out our diyleathersolutions website. We have complete custom kits available, tailored specifically to your project!

If you are a leather restoration professional, our complete professional product catalog is available at our company home website, advleather.com, as well as lots of other resources.

If you need specific help regarding leather paint or associated products not found here, or just have a question, let us know. Either e-mail us, or call (800) 541-5982.

*There is a major difference between dyes and pigmented coatings, even though both terms are commonly used to describe the coloring or re-coloring of leather. To help clarify the difference, read Advanced Leather Solutions blog entry that breaks down the distinction - dyes-vs-pigments revisited.

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