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Things To Know

There are essentially three things you need to know before attempting a leather repair or restoration project.

  1. What type of leather do you have? - You need to know what type of leather you have. This will determine what materials you need to accomplish your project, and the best application methods to apply those materials. The best way to determine your type of leather is to visit our leather care page. Following the links that most accurately describe your leather will help you to determine your leather type.
  2. What products should I buy? - Once you determine your leather type, you need to know what materials are best suited for application on your leather type. Once you have determined your leather type, visit our what to buy page, which will help you identify those products that are suitable to help you accomplish your project.
  3. How do I apply it? - Once you have determined your leather type, and the materials suitable to use on it, you will need to identify the most suitable application method for those materials. There are two choices for application.
    1. Rub-on application is typically the easiest, and only requires a foam brush or other manual applicator to accomplish. No over-spray concerns, and is a one-step process, thanks to our Rub-Coat Additive (RCA). Drawbacks can be that more coats are needed to achieve full color coverage, and uniform sheen may be slightly more difficult to achieve.
    2. Spray application requires fewer coats of color, but a subsequent coat of top-coat is necessary for longevity and wear resistance, and spray equipment is also required. Spray application typically gives a more uniform sheen when the project is complete.

If you need specific help not found here, or just have a question, let us know. Either e-mail us, or call (800) 541-5982.

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