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Available Colors

Our leather paint (leather finish) palette includes 14 colors to choose from.

Please note - Our colors (depending on how you apply them) will require either a rub-coat additive prior to application (rub-on application), or a clear top-coat application subsequent to the color application (spray application) to add wear and chemical resistance, and ensure longevity for your project. See our top-coats page for details.

Color 4oz. 8oz. 16oz. 32oz.
Black $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
White $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
Blue $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Green $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Organic Yellow $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Medium Yellow $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Yellow Oxide $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
Orange $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
Red Oxide $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
Red $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Violet $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Burgundy $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
Organic Brown $10.00 $14.00 $28.00 $42.00
HC Brown $8.50 $12.00 $24.00 $36.00
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We offer a custom color-matching service. The color match fee is $50, and we would need a sample of the color you are trying to match. It can be a time and money saver, as you only need purchase the amount of color you need to complete your project, rather than purchasing multiple colors and trying to mix them yourself. Please call (800) 541-5982, or email jmurray@advleather.com for more information.

If you need specific help regarding leather paint or associated materials not found here, or just have a question, let us know. Either e-mail us, or call (800) 541-5982.

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